RE: catching a low flying satellite + Long-range obs

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Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 02:30:44 EDT

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    I guess you could (I have neither tried nor accidentally found a GPS
    I wish to repeat (stubbornly!) my hint for identifying UNID's : Hold
    binoculars steady and count (or measure) the time it takes to cross the
    Field-Of-View, and the direction (using the face of a clock or local
    horizon and
    angle - 12h or 0 degrees up, 3h or 90 degrees to the right - as
    With all due respect, I was not asking for an ID (that object fits
    perfectly, in my opinion) what I was really asking is:
    a) is that magnitude reasonable for that type of object and range? I am
    assuming it is.
    b) has anyone observed objects at this range before with only binoculars
    (9x63 or similar)?
    In response to Tony Beresford's suggestion that it may have been a brief
    reflection, I believe the satellite was also tumbling anyway (which
    rules out that theory?). It was only barely detectable, which makes it
    hard to be sure it was not just an effect of my eyesight (averted
    vision, etc). Also, it was visible for more than a minute. 
    Thankyou very much for your patience and help so far. 
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