Re-entry prognostication

From: Gene Heyler (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 14:24:59 PDT

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    In the absence of Harro Zimmer and Alan Pickup, I will briefly step
    Object 26406 - BIRD-RUBIN/SL-8 R/B
        Forecasted by USSPACECOM to decay 30-Aug 02:28.
        Using special perturbation scheme (similar to Harro's), my forecast
    is 30-Aug-01:38 UT at the 115 km altitude pt.
        What is interesting is groundtrack of last predicted orbit......
              Object north-going passes just to the East of London UK at
    01:02:30 UT
                         (potential sighting if early demise!!!) (48 deg
    elev at 37 deg az)
              If object lives another 1/2 orbit, it passes south-going
    directly over South Island NZ at 01:44 UT
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