Re: Progress undocking/docking

From: Antonín Vítek (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 00:21:44 PDT

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    Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    > So, would I be correct in assuming that two "Russian" docking ports are
    > currently "available" - the one being used by the Soyuz, and the other
    > one being using by Progress 4/5 ?
    There are 4 (four) ports available at the Russian Segment:
    -Z Zvezda - avaliable for Soyuz or Progress
    -X Zarya - available for Soyuz or Progress
    -Z Zarya - prepared for DC-1
    +Z Zarya - not fully equipped yet, should be used for SPP (Russian Science
    and Power Platform) in the future.
    For the current configuration schematics you may take a look on my
    satellite home page (see bellow, unfortunately in Czech only at the moment,
    bud I am working on an English version). Press ENTER, then "nejnovější
    aktualizované údaje" (=most recent entries). then select "1998-067A", them
    press the second from the right button on bottom of screen with text "Popis
    objektu" (=Object description), then roll slightly downward, select link in
    line saying "Schéma aktuálního řazení modulů stanice viz." (=Schematics of
    current linkup of station modules). Lines ending in the void are unused
    docking ports or berthing mechanisms (as CMB etc.).
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