Re: Celestrak site - problems?

From: Brad (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 16:18:01 PDT

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    I wrote a PERL script awhile back that connects to celestrak and
    downloads specified files without having to use a browser.  It only
    takes a few seconds.  It's currently set up to download visual.txt and
    amateur.txt.  I can send it to you as/is, or modify it for the files you
    want.  The mod is easy if you want to do it yourself.  It requires that
    you have PERL 5 on your system, but if you don't, I can send you a
    self-extracting file for that.  I also have one that downloads from Mike's web site and unzips it to Mccants.tle.  Let me
    know if you want either or both of these.
    Brad Feinner
    Los Alamitos, CA
    33.80 N  118.06 W
    Anthony Ayiomamitis wrote:
    > Thanks to all of the SeeSat readers who expressed their own but similar
    > problems today as well ... I am open to suggestions as to how one can
    > download the data without doing it a file at a time from the web site using
    > point and click ...
    > Anthony.
    > Anthony Ayiomamitis wrote:
    > > Folks,
    > >
    > >        Is anyone having problems getting elements from Tom Kelso's site
    > > using FTP? Upon login, I am placed in '/' rather than the previous
    > > '/elements' and no files to be seen anywhere in site.
    > >
    > > Anthony.
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