Re: Geodetic precision - please end this thread !!

From: Joerg Kampmann (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 13:33:47 PDT

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    Hi Chris,
    I think everybody is grateful that you raised up the topic of geodetic
    But as long as I follow this thread I observe that you or somebody else
    feels himself put into a corner of defense - which actually is not
    necessary. It is just too long to read for somebody with little time
    thanks considering that
    Chris Olsson schrieb:
    > Citings of CO:
    > Mike McCants misquotes what I actually said, and replied:
    > >
    > >
    >I did not say that. <
    > Mike, I never ever said that you had said any such thing.
    > >They wasted their time "once" - when they created their programs.<
    > That is a matter for you to take up with Dr TS Kelso et al, not me, Mike.
    > Please
    > address your poison-pen emails elsewhere, not at me.  TS Kelso makes a
    > Please direct your bilious comments about the value of his work in bringing
    > elsets and resultant computations into the public domain to him, not to me. He
    > >obviously has no experience in this field either.
    > Who, exactly, has advocated such precision? Certainly not I.
    > >I have convinced one [SeeSat-L member] that it was silly [to include the basis of a stated position] and he >has now removed "WGS84" from his signature.
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