IR6 flare not predicted by Heavens-Above; IR5 observed

Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 06:22:21 PDT

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    I saw a bright flare (about -2 magnitude)  from Iridium 6 at 1039UT on 22
    Aug. 01 from the site coordinates listed below. This flare was not predicted
    by H-A. If I enter my coordinates in H-A and predict for the next 7 days I
    see the repetetive "sky box" for the next 3 days at elevation 50 degrees,
    azimuth 225. If you extrapolate back to this morning it fits perfectly both
    in relative time and position with the IR 6 flare that I saw this morning
    that was not predicted by H-A. This should not be a solar panel flare;
    however, both Rob and Chris might want to take note of this anomaly. The
    "sky box" is usually a very reliable indicator of where a MMA flare should
    IR 5 was also observed at 1026UT and there was no sign of any anomalous
    Paul D. Maley
    Tel. 281.244.0208, Fax. 281.244.1140
    Lat. 29.6049N, Lon. 95.1069W, Alt. 6m
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