Re: ISS in a telescope

From: Randy John (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 04:32:43 PDT

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    I think I understand my observation of ISS+Shuttle in a scope.  I saw three
    parallel rectangles.  The bright middle one was the main body of the
    station.  The two on the sides were either the shuttle bay doors or it's
    radiators.  The solar panels were all dark!  This appearance (three
    rectangles) was probably only seen as it receded.  I don't think that the
    bay doors would have been seen while coming towards me (I would have been
    looking up the shuttle's tail).  I did report that the appearance was the
    same coming and going.  I'll chalk that up to my imagination.  I may have
    only seen the central rectangle while it was inbound and the outer two
    Thanks to John who sent me a couple of pictures that cleared everything up.
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