obs 21aug 01233

From: Paul Gabriel (gabriel305@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 06:42:52 PDT

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    25725 99 023B   8305 F 20010821025339294 37 25 1648967-151787 18 F              
    25725 99 023B   8305 F 20010821025416434 46 25 1734773-111150 28 F              
    25725 99 023B   8305 F 20010821025419044 17 25 1738158-105225 28 F              
    25725 99 023B   8305 F 20010821025440354 27 25 1806061-081104 77 F              
    25725 99 023B   8305 P 20010821025624544 47 25 2016100+043850 28 F 
    we had high clouds which became patchy enough for me to setup 
    at last minute and see above.  seemed about :02s late ref 3-day
    old elset.  wonder if that is related to the acceleration that David
    mentioned re 66A (or am I confused again? -- drag ~ early, 
    "accelerating" meant...?).  did not time flashes.
    meanwhile quicksat indicated a NE+25 pass of ISS & friends, but I did not
    really look for them due to clouds and my 'neighbor's' NE tree.
    (if he was neighborly, he would cut it down or at least trim it).
    forcing me to build an obs deck in a slightly new location, 
    figure out new coords, datum(s)... but hopefully worth the effort
    when I figure out how to carpenter.  
    after reading the reports, I should have looked NE and stood on
    my toes and looked for a hole in the clouds.
    meanwhile, tropical storm "C" (hurricane?) is headed in this general
    direction, although the wx forecast for tonight is clear, the calm
    before the storm?  better not put up obs deck till it passes...
    why does usspacecommand not publish TLE for this rocket, but
    it does for others like 01033B ??
    Paul Gabriel
    26.243N 098.216W 35m 
    additional coord info available upon request 
    the stars at night are big & bright...sometimes
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