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From: Dale (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 23:18:34 PDT

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    You would think that as 'high-tech' as NASA is supposed to be that they 
    would patch all their systems to protect against CODE RED.
    >There is significant evidence that GSFC's Center Network Environment
    >(CNE) is under a Denial of Service (DoS) attack from the "Code Red" worm.
    >Because of this GSFC had to temporarily block outside traffic to one of it's
    >Ports, which is where the OIG1/OIG3 is linked. We are now allowing access to 
    >site, but because of the continuous virus attacks this action could take 
    >in the future. 08/20/2001
    Murphy's Law #17: Never stand between a fire hydrant and a dog. 
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