Shuttle Simplesat Deployment Today

Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 06:44:49 PDT

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    I noticed looking at the NASA TV schedule that the STS-105 timeline calls for 
    the deployment of a satellite named "Simplesat" at 18:05 UT (2:05PM EDT) 
    today.  The shuttle cargo page describes Simplesat as:
         Simplesat is an engineering satellite designed to evaluate 
         the use of inexpensive commercial hardware for spacecraft. 
         It is expected that Simplesat will demonstrate Global 
         Positioning System attitude control and fine pointing control 
         while in free-flyer low-Earth orbit.
    Unfortunately, the Realtime Data orbital elements shows no predicted TLEs for 
    Simplesat, as they have sometimes done for other deployments, such as 
    Does anyone have any guess as to whether Simplesat may be visible naked eye 
    (or binocular) this evening or where it might be in relation to the shuttle?  
    Starshine, as I recall, was about 5 degrees ahead of the shuttle when they 
    passed after being deployed earlier the same day.  With undocking set for 
    this morning, I'm wondering whether we may get to see a train of three 
    spacecraft this evening.
    I'm on the SeeSat Digest list, so please "cc" replies to me directly as I may 
    not get them until the next digest is issued, which may not be until tomorrow 
    sometime, after this evening's passes.
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    Jim Cook
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