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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 19:43:21 PDT

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    Randy John wrote:
    >No duration is included.  Would you (or anyone else) like to comment on the
    >difference between these three events?
    Hi Randy and list,
    For complete information about the supply/waste water storage system on the
    orbiter see :
    The following explanations are based on my limited knowledge of the orbiter
    systems and are not necessarily exact. The real dump takes place when it is
    listed as SUPPLY/WASTE WATER DUMP and you can see the commands Initiate and
    Terminate. The difference in time between the two represents the duration.
    Now about the SUPPLY WATERDUMP USING FES. This acronym means Flash Evaporator
    System. The FES is used to dissipate heat generated by the crew and electronic
    equipment inside the orbiter by boiling water that comes from the Fuel cells.
    The FES is used in backup of the large radiator panels installed inside the
    payload bay doors and during the ascent phase and during deorbit and reentry.
    The Freon-21 coolant loops carry the heat to the FES that boils water to
    dissipate it. So my guess is that this Supply Water Dump is something happening
    inside the orbiter systems, so it's not a visible event for us. The attitude of
    the orbiter does not need to be changed for this kind of dump.
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