RE: Satellite lunar transit

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 19:19:05 PDT

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    Rob wrote
    When you say solar transits are much more likely to be observed
    than lunar transits, but then go on to say there have only been
    two "verifiable" solar transit observations, you imply that
    there must be no "verifiable" record of a lunar transit.  I
    guess I would ask, "verifiable" by what standard?  Few people
    regularly record video or still photography of such events.  But
    if you have multiple, experienced witnesses to the same event,
    I'd say that's sufficient.
    I don't have a verifiable record of the sat transit I saw on Aug 13.
    I didn't even worry about, having a verifiable record of the event. I just 
    wanted to watch it and enjoy it, thats what matters to me.
    So if I see a dark sat transit across the moon, I won't have any record, but 
    as long I see one I'll be happy. Just I won't be able to prove it.
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