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From: Judy May (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 07:33:37 PDT

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    Kevin Fetter wrote:
    While there are lots of datums, anyone with a gps receiver can obtain
    their site position in WGS84. You can convert older positions in other
    datums to the WGS84 position. But since tracking programs use WGS72, ...
        This may be affecting me.  Being a backwoods orienteering buff in
    the U.S., I use a map datum of NAD27 CONUS.  My GPS receiver is set to
    work in that datum, also.
        I have noticed a greater positional error that should occur when
    using my Meade LX200 telescope.  (Sometimes by a factor of ten minutes
    of arc)
        Kevin commented on converting one datum to another.  Can someone
    tell me the necessary formulas to go from NAD27 CONUS to the two WGS
        And lastly, what datum would we expect automated "go-to" telescopes
    would have been engineered with?  I am not so sure Meade would
    understand what I was asking if I called them.
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