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Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 04:28:04 PDT

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    Using Ted's orbit:
    I suggest the following search orbit, which is the above orbit, propagated
    >the time of Ed's observation
    >1 77002U          01228.12618056  .00439299  00000-0  52085-3 0    00
    >2 77002  28.6455 181.9913 0373000 183.5141 268.1500 15.41279729    05
    I observed this object with the unaided eye from my usual site in Clear Lake
    City (3.5 miles from NASA), whatever its identity should be, about 2.5
    minutes after the predicted time from this elset. It was moving west to east
    with max elevation of 69 degrees in the south. It was not visible in the
    west (being below naked eye threshhold), then rising  quickly up + 2 at
    maximum elevation in the south. As it moved eastward, it reached magnitude
    1.5 before entering the earth's shadow about 45 degrees above the east. I
    did not record exact positions realizing others are probably doing this now.
    If there is a tumble, it must be slow. The previous night like Ed and Mike,
    the elset on 26881 was a 'no show'.
    Paul D. Maley
    Tel. 281.244.0208, Fax. 281.244.1140
    Lat. 29.6049N, Lon. 95.1069W, Alt. 6m
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