Satellite lunar transit

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 10:26:14 PDT

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    Hi Kevin,
    > I am very happy, at around 8:23 UTC aug 13, I saw my first sat going
    > across the moon.  The sat was USSPACECOM Catalog No.: 4071
    > International Designation Code: 1969-070-B
    > or known as cosmos 292 rocket.
    > It happened so quickly and was easy to see. The sat was predicted to be
    > aroung mag +6. It was nice to see the moon lit by earthshine, with a point
    > of light going across it.
    I've been out of town for the last 5 days, so I wanted to offer
    belated congratulations on observing your first (sunlit) satellite
    lunar transit!  You are in rare company -- even I haven't seen
    one yet (though I have had little time for observing during the
    last year).  Your next challenge is to observe a dark satellite
    transit of the illuminated moon -- much more difficult and rare
    since it requires the satellite to be large and at as minimal
    a slant range as possible.
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