Re: Shuttle water dump

From: Roger (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 14:22:14 PDT

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    Around Wed,Aug 15 2001, at 04:15,  Bruno Tilgner, wrote:
    >Jörg Kampmann wrote:
    >this is Mr. Coriolis :-)
    >An interesting hypothesis. Why does one not see this effect on contrails
    >of aircraft?
    >Bruno Tilgner
    Aircraft traveling at 500 K(nots) or so are so much faster than the
    contrail.  The contrail has nothing to propel it other than the wind
    I'm no rocket scientist, and I'm sure if my logic is flawed, it will be
    pointed out.  Items in orbit travel at a speed that is partly determined
    by the height of the orbit.  I believe atmospheric drag and gravity play
    roles in determining the speed.  (hmm, rethinking the gravity part).
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