Please help with the flasher ID

From: Denis V. Denissenko (
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 12:35:20 PDT

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    Hello!  Could anybody on the list identify the flashing sat I've seen
    1. Same object observed twice:
    20010804, 02:16 MST (20010803 2216 UT)
    20010814, 01:52 MST (20010813 2152 UT)
    Moved through Perseus at the East, 40-50 degrees above the horizon, from
    left to right (NE->SE direction).
    It had similar behaviour to the object described by Ulrich Beinert (see for
    details).  Very short (about a second) flares up to -2 mag every 15-20
    sec and below +5 mag between flares.  Neither IRS-1A nor Nadezhda 6
    according to Heavens-Above.
    2. Possible another single flash tonight at 22:41 MST (20010815 1841 UT)
    about a degree from beta UMa.  Az. 325 (NW), elev. 35, E->W direction.
    I'm in Moscow, Russia, Europe, 55o45'N, 37o37'E.
    Thanks in advance,
    Denis                                                  ICQ 5538455
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