Re: New ISS Images with docked space shuttle

From: Cees Bassa (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 07:14:23 PDT

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    Hoi Ulrich,
    At 15:12 14-8-01 , you wrote:
    >I've done some more ISS imaging with my 90mm refractor and Logitech webcam,
    >the results have just been uploaded to
    > If anyone can identify any
    >parts on the second-to-last image (the one showing the most details of the
    >orbital complex), I'd be very thankful.
    Very good capture Ulrich!
    I hoped to see the complex during the same pass, but they were hidden 
    behind clouds.
    You are looking at the complex from left, back and below. This is in the 
    configuration that
    the Shuttle is up front and the Soyuz at the back. The P6-truss is pointing 
    upward and
    the airlock is right-hand side.
    I've placed one of Ulrich's images with explanation on:
    On NASA TV at you can regularly view the real 
    time orientation of
    the complex with respect to Earth.
             Cees Bassa
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