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Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 09:26:20 PDT

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    Hello everyone.  I am a 41-year old married father of one, resident in
    Doaktown, New Brunswick, Canada (46.55N, 66.15W, 30M).  I have been
    watching the skies for most of my life, and in the last few years, with the
    advent of the Internet, I have recently come across some excellent
    resources (like this one) for viewing.
    I teach computer theory and networking at a local post-secondary business
    school.  I have had other careers in broadcasting, politics, writing and
    retail sales in the past.
    I am primarily interested in manned flight, and also communications with
    manned and unmanned craft.  I have spoken with crews in the Shuttles, MIR
    and the ISS on many occasions, and have also worked non-crewed craft
    extensively from my radio setup here at home.
    Enough about radio....(I already read the FAQ :-) ) more radio
    talk, ha ha.  I will most likely be a reader / lurker until I get the hang
    of things.  
    A good friend of mine witnessed the decay re-entry last night of what was
    thought to be 26868.  Of course, I missed it.  
    I like to stroll out for Iridium flares, and have found it a neat way to
    impress my friends while at the campground on weekends.  Announcing that a
    bright satellite will appear and then disappear (as long as you have a
    well-calibrated watch) is a bit of an attention-getter, lol.
    I witnessed a bright flaring of the ISS a few weeks back, and have not seen
    it since on many passes.  I estimate it got up to -5 or better for about 10
    seconds.  Not sure if this is a predictable event yet, but I am interested
    in such news when it comes.
    Brent Taylor, A+, Net+, VE1JH, Doaktown, N.B.  (FN66)
    Environment Canada Severe Weather Watcher  AMSAT member #33576  6M VUCC #418
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