STS 105 over UK

From: John locker (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 22:47:08 PDT

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    Video tape clearly shows ET in a few frames...very unsteady as telescope was
    guided by hand !
    The tank did not appear to be tumbling and although naked eye was close to
    shuttle , the latter did not appear in any frames at the same time.I had
    quite a tight field of view.
    Initial processing shows brown elongated shape with slight disturbance
    either side.
    I also caught the later pass of ISS , and again a few frames show the basic
    shape of the station , with what seems to be reflection off the arm.
    Anyone else get ET in camera ? I imagine a timed exposure off the two tracks
    would be brilliant.
    03.53 W
    Wirral .  UK
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