Re: STS 105 observation

From: Ed Davies (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 16:01:52 PDT

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    An interesting message from another observer in the Wycombe area, a few
    miles north of me:
    > Hi Ed,
    > I also saw Discovery and the ET. The ET was lower and visibly redder than
    > Discovery.
    > Although they both became much dimmer when they (presumably) went into
    > eclipse they remained visible in binoculars and a couple of times Discovery
    > produced a cloud of golden gas.  Presumably thruster operation or dumping
    > something. Quite startling the first time.
    > Then a bright meteor, from the zenith to the South, near Mars, leaving a
    > train for a second or two.  A Persied I suppose.
    > Then the ISS, very bright and seems almost to be resolved in the binoculars
    > (15x70). This took a higher path than the ISS and went into eclipse much
    > later, while descending to the East..
    > And finally the 22:49 Iridium flare.
    > Also M28 and M31, a busy but short session, thanks for pointing this out.
    > Chris
    In my light polluted area with no binoculars I lost them straight after
    they went into eclipse.
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