Shuttle Seen from the Netherlands

From: Cees Bassa (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 15:02:19 PDT

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    Hello List,
    For the second time I've seen the Shuttle and its external tank, though 
    this observation was
    a lot less spectacular than the one from STS99 in February 2000.
    For some 10 seconds or so I could see two dots low, about 5 high, in the 
    west rising.
    I quickly started an exposure on my camera to look at them again, but I 
    couldn't find them anymore.
    Skymap predicted that the Shuttle would enter the shadow at some 18 
    height, but I guess that due to the imperfections of the SGP4 model the 
    Shuttle was at a lower altitude and thus entering
    the shadow before it reached the predicted point.
    Saw ISS afterwards which was nice and bright.
    During the 20 minutes I was outside I saw 3 Perseids crossing the sky, 
    quite impressive.
    Clear Skies,
    	Cees Bassa
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