Asteroid namesakes

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 11:40:14 PDT

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    Allen wrote:
    > I just realized that we have an asteroidal namesake on the list:
    > From :
    > "Asteroid 5446 will now be known as 5446 Heyler in recognition
    > of Gene Heyler, a spacecraft attitude control expert from Columbia,
    > Md., who has been responsible for developing innovative techniques
    > for tracking minor planets during fast flybys. These techniques played
    > a major role in the success of the NEAR flyby of asteroid 253 Mathilde
    > in June 1997." 
    We have others as well:  Jonathan McDowell (4589) and Tony
    Beresford (5682) come to mind.  There is a Matson (2586), but
    it is named for Dennis Matson at JPL (a project scientist
    for Cassini, who I believe did earlier work at Palomar).
    I'll have to work a bit harder before I've earned the
    honor... :-)
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