From: Dennis Jones (cdj-home@omniumcorp.com)
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 03:59:01 PDT

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    Just saw I-51 flare at -7 at 6:32:56, 191 degrees, 69 elevation (per HA)
    about 11 o'clock position above the 2/3 moon.   Had the video set up but my
    luck and inexperience, the flare was just out of the FOV.  Too greedy on the
    Along with the thread earlier about the highest elevation, this is probably
    the highest we've seen and with a blue sunrise (but somewhat hazy) summer
    Suddenly we have a string of 9 (nine!)  -7 or -8 flares coming up over the
    next 5 days both morning and night after a long dry spell.  And most are at
    reasonable times.   If our hazy summer nights cooperate, we'll see most of
    them and maybe catch a few on video.
    We're still amazed!
    Dennis  / Nancy Jones
    Cornelius, NC
    35.46N, 80.89 W
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