Re: Solar transit and ISS

From: Anthony Ayiomamitis (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 19:06:54 PDT

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    Dear List,
          Something I forgot to mention in my original message concerns the use
    of the Baader solar filter material (ND-5) which I plan to use as my
    intention is/was to shoot at the prime focus of my telescope where I have a
    one-degree field of view and which would represent a time span of three
    seconds for the ISS to pass through.
          Will the solar filter material be so strong so as to obliterate the
    silhouette image of the ISS? It is easy to work out the associated exposure
    without the filter (with the same film or slower) in the event it helps..
    Anthony Ayiomamitis wrote:
    > Dear List,
    >       I am keeping my fingers crossed that my predicted solar transit by
    > the ISS will hold until Sunday afternoon (predicted pass). It will be
    > bisecting the solar disk right smack in the middle and the pass will
    > last 1.5 seconds. I will load a 36-exp roll of film and fire off in
    > continuous mode at 7 fps hoping to catch something.
    > Anthony.
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