TLE for Discovery at T+20 min

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 21:56:23 PDT

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    Hello to all European observers,
    Here is the TLE for the beginning of the first orbit of Discovery on Thursday
    night. Epoch is T+20 minutes, so it should be OK for those who want to try the
    difficult observation of the Shuttle and its external tank since they will be in
    shadow for most of the pass over Europe. Maybe those nearest the Atlantic will
    be able to see something low to the west.
    STS-105 OMS-1
    1 99105U          01221.95940793  .00071000  00000-0  10050-3 0  9005
    2 99105  51.6355 177.8703 0134629 351.2267   8.6582 16.47181754    20
    Don't forget these elements are valid only for an on-time launch at 21:38 UT.
    Daniel Deak
    representant, projet spatial Starshine
    Drummondville, Quebec
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