Unidentified Object

From: Mark Miele (miele@canada.com)
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 19:19:57 PDT

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    I stepped outside to watch ISS go over, and before I saw it, I noticed
    another object, very bright, flying over.   The light was steady white,
    definitely not an aircraft, and silent.   The unusual part is that it was
    flying approximately ENE to WSW.   The sighting occured at approximately
    21:46:00 EDT (GMT - 4) over Brossard, Quebec, Canada (suburb of Montreal),
    located at 45.45N, 73.483W.  Apogee appeared to be about 65 degrees.  I did
    eventually see ISS go over, but it moved much slower than the unidentified
    object.  Its orbit was probably much lower than that of ISS.
    If anyone has any info, please share it!
    Mark Miele
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