Re: OrbView-4

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 09:30:54 PDT

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    > The Taurus R/B for this mission will be the 4th Celestis mission. (see
    >  At a minimum they will release the orbital elements for
    > the R/B.
    Well, it shouldn't be hard to spot the satellite whether the elements are
    released or not.  The launch window from Vandenberg is currently 18:35
    to 19:14 UT 2001-09-01 and a bit of Googling reveals that the Air Force
    has said, "The imaging satellite will be launched into a sun synchronous
    [97.3 deg. inclination], 470 km circular orbit with a 10:30 am descending
    equatorial cross time..."
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