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From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 02:50:46 PDT

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    > I got the excellent program iridflar up and running..
    > i have a small problem.. it computes the flares and
    > then sorts them chronologically is there a way to show
    > the earlier number flares i.e #2 etc... as it shows
    > only later number ones..
    I don't quite get your idea (?) If you do have a " F  Output file: "
    you can always use the (DOS) sort.exe to sort it (on column 1).
    If you just want to read it while it is being produced (not in numerical
    order, but the order of the TLE file, usually USSPACECOM Catalog Number) you
    can press the spacebar to pause and resume predictions.
    If you want a more permanent arrangement, create a sort.bat file in the
    directory IN WHICH YOU START iridflar, with two or more of the following
    lines (replace the sort path with where YOUR sort.exe resides):
    REM in the order of TLE file
    REM in reverse date order
    E:\WINNT\system32\sort.exe /+5 /R <IRIDFLAR.OUT >IRIDTEMP.SOR
    REM in Iridium number order
    E:\WINNT\system32\sort.exe /+1 <IRIDFLAR.OUT >IRIDFLAR.SOR
    Note that iridflar calls sort with redirect tokens ( < > ), and I know of no
    way to retrieve the names (or use them) in a .bat file. This means that all
    .cfg files started from the same directory MUST use the same output file
    names, also that skymap can not be started from the same directory!
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