Re: iridflar help

From: Mark Hampton (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 01:20:40 PDT

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    Hi Mark,
    After I sent the mail, I realised to view the output
    file was to open up iridflar.out in wordpad or text,
    thanks anyway for the help.
    --- Mark Hanning-Lee <> wrote: >
    Don't quite know what you mean?
    > Iridflar sorts all the flares that it predicts into
    > chronological order.
    > If it doesn't find a flare from e.g. Iridium 2, then
    > that won't be in
    > the list.
    > The output file is text, so you can sort that in
    > varous applications.
    > A: Open the file with Excel, which lets you specify
    > which column goes
    > where. Then sort that column.
    > B: Open in Word, select the whole text, and use the
    > Sort option under
    > the Table menu. You may have to convert text to
    > table, sort table, &
    > convert back to text.
    > C: Write code to do it ...
    > Good luck! Mark 
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