Visiting observer plus a few obs

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 03:20:14 PDT

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    Last night Paul Gabriel, who's in Austin for a couple of days,
    went observing with Mike McCants and me -- very enjoyable to 
    get to meet another fellow observer!
    Paul's binoculars -- well, there is something to say about 
    mounted 10x70s!  Wow!
    Intelsat 512 (16101) -- easy even under full moonlight and some 
    thin cloud -- and still speeding up.
    85- 87 A 01-08-02 05:02:25.5 EC  396.3 0.2  15 26.42  +4->inv 
    I think it's very possibly brighter than +4 but just cannot be 
    very sure with the moonlight.
    Had an unexpected bright flasher going down in the north -- it
    turned out to be IRS-P2 (23323, 94-068A).
    USA 102 (23031, 94-017B) continues to display easy one-power 
    flashes as it goes north -- even down to about 15 degrees above 
    the horizon.
    The previous night there was an unexpected +1 star above Polaris! 
    It turned out to be Landsat 4 (13367, 82-072A) flaring, just like 
    Don Gardner told us a long time ago.
    Oh, by the way, "We saw ISS!"  The Wednesday PM pass was even 
    mentioned ahead of time on at least one of the local TV news
    programs, and the weather was favorable, and it was a nice pass,
    although it didn't flare.
    BCRC location: 30.3157N, 97.8663W, 280m.
    Just in case someone missed it, here's a story about the stir 
    caused in Central America and southern Mexico by the latest
    Shuttle reentry:
    I wish I had been able to see -- and hear -- it!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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