Re[2]: ISS and meteor

Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 01:19:46 PDT

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         I also observed this ISS pass, and a meteor flashed past close to ISS 
         at one point.  I doubt it was the same one seen by Sebastian in 
         Germany, though it may be the same one seen by Mark.  It started a 
         moon width or so South of ISS, heading SSE, as the station reached 
         about 30 deg elevation in the South, and was quite bright despite the 
         moonlight (mag -1).
         Incidently ISS got very bright after passing highest elevation - it 
         got to at least mag -2 for most of the remainder of the pass.
         Matt Fawcett
         53.893N 0.273W 50m
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    Subject: Re: ISS and meteor
    Author: at MHS
    Date:    02/08/2001 06:55
    > I saw a meteor crashing into the atmosphere on the WSW 
    > horizon. The meteor wasn't that fast and produced a
    > bright trail which lasted for about 1 sec. Has anybody 
    > else seen this?
    Saw exactly this last night at approx 22:01 GMT in 
    the SE (mid altitude).
    If I didn't know any better, I think I would've 
    thought it was a sat decay - it really looked 
    like a cinder falling from the sky; fast and 
    Mark at 50.9090N, 2.7890W
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