Interesting night of Obs

From: Brad (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 01:00:01 PDT

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    Using an 8" LX200 with 8.8mm UWA EP (227X) and LXSat SW in Continuous
    mode, I started off with a 51 deg pass of ISS.  It was a side view
    coming up, as I could see the vertical module at one end, but no solar
    panels.  Shortly after culmination, the scope hit due north and went
    around almost 360 to the other side.  If anyone knows how to disable
    this "safety" feature, please let me know.  I asked Meade, they don't
    know.  Anyway, by the time it got back to ISS, the view was from
    underneath and I could see the main solar panels.  Very impressive.
    Next, I tracked TiPS through a 35 deg pass, still at 227X.  It was
    amazing, the tether was prominent and was about half the length of the
    fov.  The objects at both ends were also clearly visible.
    Finished it off with the NOSS 2-3 trio at 65 deg.  Tracked them in the
    7x50 finder so I could see all at once.  They were faint at first, but
    bright for most of the pass.
    Overall, one of my best evenings in about seven years of obs.
    Brad Feinner
    Los Alamitos, CA
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