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Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 18:22:47 PDT

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    Steve Newcomb wrote
    >and who has seen the most consecutive passes?
    I don't know if I qualify here because these were not "registered or
    reported" - I do this as a hobby but have not yet got into reporting
    observation TLE's.
    I have observed 3 passes in one night and we often get at least two passes
    in an evening or early morning about 1 hour apart.
    I can't recall the date of the three passes but the first was "low", (10 -
    20 deg), the second "overhead", (75 - 90 deg), and the third "low".  Both
    the first and last were short passes lasting less than a minute and quite
    dim but as always the overhead passes ar bright and last several minutes
    such as a recent one where we could see STS104 and ISS passing over together
    with ISS trailing.
    Always an incredible sight and I make a point of showing anyone I can, (even
    if they're not interested).
    We are in a rural location with very little light pollution so viewing even
    low mag passes in the evening is possible with the naked eye.  (must work
    out the lowest mag I can see sometime).
    Regards - Steve
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