2001-030C decayed

From: Harro Zimmer (Harro.Zimmer@t-online.de)
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 04:38:18 PDT

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    Report time 09:15 UTC
    2001-030C (#26869) Molniya 1-K "Debris aka "BOZ"?
    SPACECOM'S FINAL REPORT - prepared August 01, 01:32 UTC - shows the decay on
                      01 August, 00:09 UTC +/- 26 minutes (59.7S, 135.2E)
    on a descending pass over the Indian Ocean.
    My final analysis (MPM + REENTRY) with the ELSET'S 01212.900... and 01212.960...
    delivers          01 August, 00:08 UTC +/- 17 minutes (57.50S, 127.40E)
    on the same pass over Indian Ocean.
    The reentry was about 30 minutes earlier as SPACECOM and I with the " 6 HOURS 
    BEFORE DECAY" message had predicted. Sorry: There was a large gap (11 hours)
    between the relevant ELSET'S and I missed therefore a phase of faster decay.
    BTW: There was a question about the meaning of my issued decay times. They
    correspond like SPACECOM'S TIP messages to a geodetic altitude of 10.0 km.
    Berlin, Germany
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