Re: [FPSPACE] Still the Molniya-M launch...

From: NK (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 03:36:52 PDT

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    >On the July 20th a Molniya-M rocket was launched from GIK-1 Plesetsk, but
    I'm still not sure about >the paylod. Was it a Molniya satellite
    (Molniya-1K - Molniya 3-51), or was it a Oko type vehicle (with >a Cosmos
    designation????). Can anyone tell me at what time was the launch (UTC???).
    I'm sorry. I believe I was the source for a longstanding misunderstanding.
    The name for the satellite is Molniya-3K, not Molniya-1K as I stated
    earlier. So the official designation (Molniya-3) is essentially correct and
    doesn't contradict real facts.
    It is interesting that the USSPACECOM used my wrong designation in their
    tables :-).
    Launch time was 0017 UTC.
    Igor Lissov
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