Re: Observations of decaying satellites

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 12:13:35 PDT

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    > Are recent observations of rapidly decaying satellites of use to
    > anyone (eg Alan Pickup, Harro.Zimmer)? If so, please let me know, and
    > future observations can be posted directly to you. Below are last
    > nights observations of #12547 = 81- 58 A = Cosmos 1278.
    > Standard magnitude about 3.5 to 5 irregular.
    > IntlId SiteYYMMDDHHMMSSss  Sss  TCHHMMmm   DDddd  Ddd E             MMm
    > 8105801211500083021045513  020  13210627  +3116   004 5             +30
    I know there have been complaints about dull tables on SeeSat-L.
    But those who want to chat about what they (happened to ?) see,
    or "I saw ISS", can do that on the "visual-observe" discussion forum.
    And although discussions on the contents of SeeSat-L belong in the
    mail group "UseSat-L", I think we have agreed that while enthusiastic
    comments about observations are OK, even welcome, within more factual
    messages, the main purpose of SeeSat is to distribute information
    needed to help other members to find, observe, and make something
    meaningful out of their visual satellite observations.
    Thus, I think messages of the kind "The decaying Cosmos 1278 was
    observed on Aug.30 with magnitude XX, about YY seconds before
    predictions using the following elset...." should ALWAYS be posted,
    preferably with the table format info included.
    Even inexperienced observers should benefit from the knowledge
    that for a decayer, the prediction error increases with the square
    of the age of the elset (at least).
    If you don't agree, I want to be on your mailing list !
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