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Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 12:14:21 PDT

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    > 1. This is to report sightings of what I call "Iridium Pairs" ie an
    > Iridium flare followed/preceded by another flare which does *not*
    > originate from the same Iridium satellite and which is *not* foreseen in
    > the heavens-above ephemerides.
    Welcome aboard.
    I note a considerable degree of consistency with the suggestion for
    nomenclature in my earlier post,  However, I do
    think the adjectival form of "Iridium" is "Iridial" (fans of Jay Leno's
    educational "Jaywalking" will appreciate the decline in education which
    may be exemplified by the hordes 24 years ago wanting to celebrate the
    "Bicentennial" of American Independence and the plethora today of such as
    the "Millennium Pocketbook").  I'm not enough of a scholar to know if
    instead it should be "Iridescent", as suggested by Lloyd Wood.
    On another subject, long ago a couple people suggested here that there is
    a rule that plurals of proper names do not decline, but always add "s", so
    that the plural of "Iridium" would be "Iridiums".  The rule seems clearly
    wrong.  E.g., one would not apply it to "Glass" or "Buss".  "Iridiums" is
    an abomination, so I seek refuge in "Iridia".
    > My question: We observe satellites just for fun (using binoculars and
    > photo/video cameras), is there a need for more systematic observations
    > from the following sites?
    I hope my recent post,, will not leave
    you in doubt as to my belief that we need much more reporting of
    Many posts to SeeSat-L have made suggestions for observing the many
    phenomena of the Iridia.  Here are a couple of my modest efforts: and
    Walter Nissen         
    -81.8637, 41.3735, 256m elevation
    Now let me get this all straight here.  First, I buy this expensive
    apparatus.  Then, I find a place for it in my home or office.  Then, I
    either haul it in myself or pay someone to haul it in.  Then, I either
    install it myself or pay someone to install it, including who knows how
    much wiring, finishing, repainting, etc., etc.  Then, I contract with
    some overbearing utility company to juice it up, an exercise which will
    cost me money continuously and indefinitely.  Then, I turn it on and it
    immediately starts squawking at me, taking control of the agenda in my
    home or office, probably banishing spirituality from my home
    forevermore.  Then, suddenly, without my permission, some badly informed
    flack takes over my equipment at my expense and starts spouting
    despicable lies intended to enrich some outfit I've never heard of at my
    further expense.  Repeat 22 times per hour.  Occasionally, some local
    businessman will take it over and start shouting in my ear.
    Wow, that sounds like a really great idea; I'll take two.
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