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Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 22:50:30 PDT

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    > however last night 27/08/00 I was very lucky in seeing the Spot 3
    > (22823/93061A) perform a dazzling display.
    > travelling SE to NNW  mag. 2 - 3. A couple of seconds
    > later it disappeared from view only to suddenly flash in the neg. mag.
    > possibly 2 - 3, I then disappeared for a few seconds reappear with a few
    > mag 2 - 3 flashes the finally it was gone.
    > Question has this satellite been known to perform like this before or have
    It has been known for some time - if I remember correctly at least a year.
    I have some observations of negative magnitude flashes from March to June,
    and two of my own reported Aug.25+26, but I NEED a few more recent positions
    (or times to the nearest second) to compute the spin axis and surface
    orientation and make predictions.
    The period is about 21 seconds, but you will (hopefully) not find two
    adjacent flashes to negative magnitude, but they can reappear a few
    times on a pass, if there are multiple surfaces, or the satellite
    passes the cone of flash directions twice.
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