Flashing body: can anyone help?

From: Charlie Eltham (charles.eltham@virgin.net)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 00:38:04 PDT

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    Hello all,
    Last night, as I followed Meteor 1-7 pass out of Cepheus at c. 20.46 UT, I
    saw two brief flashes. They both appeared to take place just behind the
    object in Cepheus itself, in the right hand side of the constellation which
    is more densely populated with stars, position roughly R.A. 22h, Dec. +63
    degrees. The first flash appeared to me to be around 1 or 2 mag, the second
    2 or 3 mags fainter, each lasting a max of .125 seconds.
    I had not been out in my garden for long, so adjustment to night vision may
    have been the cause, although this is unlikely in my mind as I don't usually
    see flashes. However, in common with many others I imagine, I do find though
    that my eyes wander as they adjust until I can fix on an object. I am
    fortunate not to have too have massive light interference from street
    lighting. Cosmos 1908 passed through shortly after this, and was also
    clearly visible.
    This was all seen without any instruments. Hope this is enough.
    Thanks all,
    Charlie Eltham
    51.892N  2.080W
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