Re: U991031 found again

Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 23:02:13 PDT

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    Rainer Kracht wrote:
    > When I searched for U991031 the next night, I found a faint one second
    > flasher close to the expected time and position and followed it for 13
    > minutes until I lost it after taking notes. Maxima were of unequal
    > magnitude, brightest max about mag 10.5, some maxima missing, FP about
    > 1.2 seconds.
    > I had taken four points, but could not fit them to the orbit of U991031.
    > I checked GEO.TLE from OIG and found INTELSAT 4A-F3 (1978-002A, 10557)
    > matching the observations (not in PPAS, probably a new flasher).
    I haven't reported to PPAS, but I saw this 9/94.
    Flashing 5 and 6 sec.
    Jay Respler
       Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
               Freehold, New Jersey
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