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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 22:04:37 PDT

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    At 05:41 24/08/00 , Matson, Robert wrote:
    >Hi All,
    >Was cleaning up my decayed satellite list and noticed two
    >entries which don't jive with the current ALLDAT.TLE file.
    >I show both as long decayed, but apparently they were both
    >resurrected at some point:
    >00879  64-054A   OGO 1  (dec 8/10/1980)
    The RAE table of Earth satellites lists the initial orbit of this object
    as period 3838min period, inclination 31.15 degrees, apogee 149385, perigee
    281. By 1970 the inclination had risen to 58.8 degrees and the perigee to
    45880Km with only a small change in the period ( 3840.1 minutes). Such changes
    are induced by solar and lunar pertubations. Similar large changes
    in inclination show up in the orbital history of ASTRON1, 1983020A (#13901).
    A footnote in the RAE tables states that this perigee height  oscillations
    have a 16 year period, and in august 1980 the perigee
    will be down to 390Km. It looks like SPACECOM lost it that point, and assumed it
    had decayed, and recovered it more recently, or perhaps they are now 
    tracking the upper stage rocket( which doesnt appear to be catalogued),
     instead which has a larger surface area (9 sq. metres) rather than the the approx. 1.4 sq meters of the satellite. The orbit currently has a perigee height of 28738Km and a period of 3810 minutes. It could of course be some other piece of junk
    wandering around cislunar space. I dont know if anybody has kept track of where
    Clementine is for example.
    Latest set from OIG
    OGO 1    Decayed: 1980/08/10 No current elements
    1 00879U 64054A   00236.66666667 +.00000000 +00000-0 +00000-0 0 00286
    2 00879 045.7240 136.7222 5654615 026.2363 355.0155 00.37792950002463
    Tony Beresford
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