Dnepr launch keps?

From: Jonathan McDowell (jcm@head-cfa.harvard.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 12:10:40 PDT

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     Y'know, the ILAMs are as much of a mystery to me as they are to everyone
    else. Clearly the US ILAMs are being shared with the Russians, but not
    with the general public. One wonders what the justification is for that...
    I don't know if there's any official position on their distribution, or
    even which agency distributes them. If Keith or Vladimir would care
    to comment I'd be most interested...
     BTW, I have been keeping up with Seesat infrequently; I notice there
    was some discussion yesterday about the Delta III low apogee. When
    I phoned Boeing yesterday morning their PR folks seemed not to know
    anything about it... you may have seen the new press release late yesterday
    when they explain how 'atmospheric conditions' caused a 'new expected
    nominal apogee' that was 5000 km lower than the one in the press kit.
    If it's not too off topic, can someone explain how 'day of launch conditions'
    can change your final velocity by 150 m/s? Are variations in drag forces
    really that large?
    >  in case he's too busy with Chandra 
    hoo boy... you should see some of the cool data I'm playing with...
    and you will, in about 6 months when it's ready to publish...
    btw, Allen, would be interested in your comments on my new SAMOS/KH-7
    web page 
    (shameless plug)
     - Jonathan
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