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From: Ron Lee (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 11:22:29 PDT

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    >I have a GPS that works well with my Palm, but it does
    >not exactly set the Palm clock it just displays GPS time
    >and to me it looks like it updates every other second, but 
    >I could be wrong about that.  
    Be careful using a GPS unit for time.  Mine lags about 1-2
    from true time.  I attribute this to the GPS unit..not the
    GPS system.
    >In a GPS unrelated question, now that the military has removed
    >the GPS offset or so I understand, I still seem to get off the wall
    >elevations although even on my GPS the long & lat seem 
    >extremely accurate.  is this common or I have a crummy GPS??
    Typically vertical accuracy is 1.5 times WORSE than horizontal.
    Make sure you have a good view of the sky and check your status screen
    to see if you have a good selection of satellites around your
    horizon.  If you are only looking at a few in one region of the
    sky your solution will not be optimal.
    Try looking for a GPS sometime.  I have done it with an 8" scope.
    Ron Lee
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