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Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 10:28:24 PDT

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    Since we're "the source" for time discussed here, let me add a few cents'
    worth to the subject.
    If you call either the USNO DC area code number or the NIST Colorado number,
    you'll be charged whatever the toll is for a long-distance call.  This will
    vary depending on your carrier.  Calling these numbers does *not* assure a
    landline connection, so it is possible that there might be a delay due to
    satellite relay.
    The 1-900-410-TIME number will cost you 50 cents for one minute from
    anywhere in the US, and it guarantees a land-only connection.  USNO does not
    get any funding from this source.  It is a service provided by the owmer of
    the number, but it is probably the most accurate telephone-based time
    announcer out there.  USNO does not have the budget to support a toll-free
    number, so this was deemed the best compromise of a bad lot.
    The most accurate time currently available to the general public is GPS
    time.  GPS receivers are now fairly inexpensive, and even the cheap-o K-Mart
    specials can display time to an accuracy of better than 100 nanoseconds
    anywhere in the world with respect to the USNO Master Clock, which sits
    about 100 meters from my desk.  Besides, you'll always know exactly where
    your observing site is...
    Geoff Chester
    USNO Public Affairs Office 
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    > if you are in the US it is cheaper to try
    > 202-762-1401 USNO 
    > 303-499-7111 NIST
    > than using the 900 ripe you off phone no.
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    > On 08/25/00 at 09:31 Thomas A. Troszak wrote:
    > >Cees Bassa wrote:
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    > >> Next to do is to find the time. I used my watch, which I 
    > had synchronized
    > >> with the time given on the something like CNNtex on TV 
    > (please forgive me
    > >> when this is a stupid way to find an accurate time but it 
    > is the best I
    > >> have at the moment).
    > >
    > >For what it is worth, I use the U.S. Naval Observatory phone line.
    > >
    > >>From U.S. : 1-900-410-TIME
    > >
    > >I think it cost 50 or 75 cents to call, but I only do it 
    > once a week and
    > >the land line does not seem to have any delay, so the time 
    > is hould be
    > >accurate. The time is spoken in English every ten or fifteen seconds
    > >with "beeps" for each second, and a different "beep" for the 
    > minute. The
    > >time is given in Universal and Eastern time alternately. 
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