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From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 14:22:49 PDT

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    For our early-rising European observers,
    Thanks to Leo Barhorst's three observations on 18, 23, and
    24 August, the Superbird spin axis has now been updated, and
    predictions to the minute can be made.  For tomorrow morning,
    August 25th, the peak flash times will be:
    Morocco:  3:09-3:14
    Portugal:  3:13-3:15
    Spain:  3:14-3:19
    France:  3:18-3:23 (Paris 3:21)
    Ireland:  3:19-3:21
    England:  3:19-3:22 (London 3:21:30)
    Scotland:  3:22-3:23 (Edinburgh 3:22)
    Belgium:  3:22-3:23
    Netherlands:  3:23-3:24:30
    Germany:  3:23-3:25
    Switzerland:  3:22-3:24
    Austria:  3:23:30-3:25
    Italy:  3:22-3:25 (Venice 3:24)
    Remember, these are the *peak* times.  Flashes will begin to
    be visible a few minutes before these times.  Current flash
    location is roughly RA 4h 03m, Dec -6d 20m.  Nearest bright
    star is Omicron-1 Eridanus, mag 4.04, RA 4h 11m 51s, Dec
    -6d 50m.  Flashes occur roughly 85 seconds later each night.
    P.S.  Superbird A flashes first make landfall in North America
    around September 4th (in Newfoundland). 
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