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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 13:56:59 PDT

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    Hello everyone,
    From 10 of my August observations (not so much !), I've computed the
    new standard magnitude (1000 km, half phase) for the 4-component ISS
    stack now in orbit. I get strange results. In fact, I get 2 distinct values of
    2.1  0.4 and 0.6  0.6 compared to the derived value of 2.23  0.14
    given by Rainer Kracht on January 02 when the ISS had only 2 components.
    Mir was then listed at 1.05  0.07.
    I think these 2 different values for a same configuration mean that the orientation
    of the Station or its solar panels is very important. Two passes at the same
    elevation and phase angle could give very different results. It would be interesting
    to know if this dual value exists among other observers who compile their obs.
    Unless it's me who has done something wrong. It seems that 0.6 would be a good
    value ??? putting it brighter than Mir thus making it the brightest satellite in the sky.
    Daniel Deak
    Drummondville, Quebec
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