Lac4 obs 24 aug 237.4

From: Paul Gabriel (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2000 - 13:18:34 PDT

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    Lac4 one point (I guess one is better than none)
    26473 00 047A   8305 P 20000824103626010 27 25 0055707-111510 38 S+030 10  
    26473 00 047 A  8305 P 20000824103840480 oopppsssss    
    trak appeared slightly higher than expected but ontime.
    some haze problems, but more problems from dew.
    I had to wipe the binocs before the first point and by the
    time I had swung around for 2d point in the N, too 
    dewey to see much.  I know, I'll get my wife out there
    with a blow dryer, while I'm traking.  
    that will go over big at 0500 local time :) 
    other than blow dryer, any cure for the dew?  I have been leaving the binocs
    outside and covered so there would be no temperature difference from bringing
    them to the yard from the airconditioned house.  we seem to be in this humid zone the 
    past few days.
    Paul Gabriel
    26.24310N 098.21635W 33m (the stars at night are big & bright......)
    titan / win95C / Calypso
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