Re: My First Positional Measurements!

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 14:00:45 PDT

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    	Time (UT)	R.A.		Decl.
    	21:38:55.92	14h52m24.3s	2024'14"
    	21:53:30.12	20h30m07.6s	4857'18"
    	22:01:30.83	02h18m05.5s	5754'18"
    Here are my thoughts for group comment.  But first congrats on your
    first effort.  Do not be surprised, if like me, you still struggle
    at times to do the best you can.  Personally, I have lots of problems
    getting more than one position on an unknown to later identify it.
    Typically I get an approximate time/position and direction of travel
    then use Skymap to ID it.
    Time:  I use a software program that syncs my computer to WWV/NIST.
    I used to use WWV over the radio but have had problems recently
    using that system.
    I would question your ability to measure time to 0.01 second accuracy.
    Maybe you can but I usually assess my time uncertainly at 0.2 second
    or worse.
    Position:  I use Guide but I suspect that Rob Matson's Skymap (set to
    J2000) probably gives accurate enough positions.  Again I question 
    the accuracy you quote.   Yes you may be able to have displayed an
    RA/DEC to that accuracy but if you move the cursor to the outer limit
    of where the position is,  you probably will not end up with the accuracy
    implied in your positions.  I have also used Skymap recently to obtain
    RA/DEC so do not feel that Guide is required.  I should check the two
    to see how closely they correlate.
    These comments are not meant to be critical but merely to suggest that 
    you should assign a valid uncertainty to your observations.  Others
    here may well do much better than myself.
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