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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 07:02:07 PDT

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    Phillip Clark wrote:
    > the view seems to be that by issuing the orbital data via a source like NASA
    > would make the data "official", and the military mind-set doesn't want
    official data released.
    A recent article by Philip Chien includes a quote by an NRO official, regarding
    our little hobby:
    "Some military experts say amateur efforts to track classified satellites
    undermine national security and violators should be prosecuted. The National
    Reconnaissance Office has taken a more laid-back attitude: "There's a lot of
    Web pages which indicate how to view what they claim are military satellites
    which may or may not be accurate. That's just fine with us," said spokesperson
    Rick Oborn."
    And this excerpt may help put the matter in its proper perspective:
    "And tracking doesn't have to involve logging on, said satellite observer Ted
    Molczan: "If any foreign government wanted to track classified military
    satellites, it would be fairly simple. Just assign embassy personnel around the
    world with binoculars and stopwatches to take observations each night the sky's
    Ted Molczan
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